A romantic story

Mercader de Venecia finds its origin in a dream and an adventure. The designer Carlos Baladia and his partner Tony Valls Klein set out to reach Asia from Europe following the steps of the merchant Marco Polo on a spiritual journey into the unknown.

They left Barcelona in 1992 in an all-terrain vehicle crossing the Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, from where they embarked to Java.

They shared an infinity of experiences with the people of remote corners and were fascinated by countries that inherited rich cultures. Countries in which their artisans continued to use techniques learned from their ancestors to create true works of art converted into pieces of crafts and furniture inspired by their millenary cultures and the subsequent influence of the European colonial period.

In successive trips selected from each country the most varied objects and furniture that, for their originality, design, quality and excellence, wanted to offer to the most demanding clientele of the western furniture and decoration market.

In love with wood, especially from teak, Juan Carlos and Tony decided to settle in Java and set up their own furniture production, working hand in hand with local artisans, expert cabinetmakers. And they opened the first permanent exhibition in Barcelona, ​​the Mercader de Venecia.

Since then, Mercader de Venecia has been traveling tirelessly to all corners of the world for more than 20 years, selecting treasures that may interest all those who appreciate the beauty and originality.


Mercader de Venecia opened its doors in 1993. Its name is inspired by that Shakespearean merchant, the most famous of the travelers of the commercial route between East and West.

The exhibition venue, a cozy establishment in a quiet and central street, became the door to the most original and exquisite Asian luxury in Barcelona.

Merchant of Venice was A pioneer in the city, he created a precedent for all the establishments that would later come inspired by this concept of Asian line decoration. Hundreds of articles in sector magazines support the creativity and good work of Mercader de Venecia.

With time the establishment was expanded to accommodate its very varied wealth of products, reaching the current surface of more than 400 m² full of art, furniture, antiques and surprises.

A praise to good taste

Mercader de Venecia, without losing its style and essence, has led the trends and style changes of the last two decades, and has been a source of inspiration in the world of interior decoration.

Today he continues to offer original products of art and furniture from around the world together with furniture of his own design that he produces in his factory in Java.

Mercader de Venecia is today the space of reference and a must for lovers of design and good taste in the world of interior design, and therefore continues to expand its offer by making known other leading brands in the furniture and accessories market. It has also become the essential meeting point for all professionals in the sector.

Pieces of art and author's product

The Mercader de Venecia team has been traveling around the world for two decades searching for pieces of art. He has always had a special interest in primitive art, the expression taken to sculpture and to the painting of deities and nature.

During these years, Mercader de Venecia has learned to search and find these treasures. In its store and in its warehouse are these unique and unrepeatable pieces, mainly from Africa, China and Southeast Asia.

And in its eagerness to stimulate all kinds of art, it also continues to bet on local artists that it considers excellent in fields such as painting, sculpture, photography, jewelery design or textile craftsmanship, which in Mercader de Venecia can be displayed in a privileged setting.